Personal and group insurance providers often cover psychological services. We encourage you to check with your insurance provider to verify whether these fees can be partially or fully reimbursed. These fees are also deductible as a medical expense for income tax purposes. Please note that services offered in private practice are not covered under New Brunswick's health care plan (Medicare).

Individual or Couple Therapy
The hourly rate varies between $170 and $200.

Mental Health Assessment
The number of hours required to complete a mental health assessment, as well as the cost, will be determined by the psychologist and discussed with the client during the initial session.

Psychoeducational Assessment
Starting at $2720 (an assessment varies between 16 and 20 hours)

A complete psychoeducational assessment can take between four to six sessions. During the first session, the parents will meet with the psychologist to discuss the reason why a psychoeducational assessment was requested as well as other pertinent information about the child which can be helpful in the process. The initial session lasts approximately two hours. The following two or three sessions are with the child, and can vary in length from 90 to 180 minutes depending on the child's age. Finally, the last session is a meeting with the parents during which the results will be explained in detail, and a complete written report will be provided.

During the first meeting, please ensure that you have photocopies of the school report cards, school intervention plans (if applicable), and other documents you deem relevant. It is also recommended that you provide other reports from professionals having worked with your child (ex. psychologist, speech therapist, occupational therapist, etc.).

Please be advised that an additional fee of $170 will be applied if a classroom observation is necessary. If the psychologist needs to commute to a school outside of the Greater Moncton area, the fee of $170 will also be applied. The psychologist can also attend a case conference taking place at the child's school for the same rate ($170).